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Effective Leadership in Challenging Situations

Clarity – confidence – honest appreciation

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Uncertainty is one of the greatest constants determining our everyday business lives. That is what makes your leadership role a particular challenge. In this seminar, you reflect on your leadership skills and gain confidence in dealing with challenging leadership situations.

As a manager you are faced with very diverse and sometimes frustrating leadership situations. How to handle each and every one of them is not always immediately apparent. Your daily challenge may be leading people over a distance or managing in times of change. Instant decision-making as well as leading different personalities may also create a certain stress level. And yet, your employees all have the need for clear communication, reliable information and honest appreciation.
This seminar will give you the opportunity to discuss your personal leadership challenges and gather some new ideas as to how you can approach them. You will better understand your own leadership capabilities. The seminar aims to help minimise your concerns and increase your confidence.

Your Benefit

Gain sovereignity in demanding leadership situations

  • Enrich your set of leadership tools and enhance your leadership skills.
  • Gain greater confidence in your daily business and settle into your international leadership role. 
  • Work on your own real-life cases.


Leading in challenging situations

  • Authenticity and clarity in leadership
  • Leading remote teams
  • Motivation as one of your key success factors
  • Meeting leadership challenges with confidence
  • Managing in times of change and uncertainty
  • Managing relationships effectively
  • Minimising fear and concern when dealing with people in difficult situations
  • Aims and effects of regular feedback processes


Real-life case studies and individual feedback

Trainer input, case discussion in small groups, role play, individual reflection, feedback.


Managers at all levels

Staff, line and project managers who already have some leadership experience.


To implement key learnings in the delegates` work practice we suggest an individual 2 hour Transfer- Coaching after the seminar.

Package Price (Seminar and TC)

1810,- EUR excl. VAT
(2153,90 EUR incl. VAT).

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