Presentation Skills

Confident – engaging – impactful
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Speaking in front of an international audience is a very special challenge for which you can systematically train. This training course will guide you through the structure of a presentation and provide you with tips and tricks to confidently deliver presentations in front of multicultural audiences.

You will have the chance to receive feedback on your presentation skills by bringing your own presentation with you. You may even be filmed whilst giving your presentation so that you are able to reflect on your own performance and skills. Furthermore, you will get some hands-on advice on the preparation and handling of visual aids as well as tips on how to captivate and entertain your audience. A special focus will be put on the dos and don’ts of presenting in front of groups with diverse cultural backgrounds. Increasing your cultural awareness will not only help you to prepare for presentations in international settings, but it will also let you deal more confidently with the challenges you face when presenting in a language other than your mother tongue.


Presentation techniques and tips for intercultural contexts

  • Setting the scene: positively influencing the relationship between yourself and your audience
  • Dos and don’ts of presenting in business settings
  • Opening and closing presentations
  • Understanding cultural differences and various business cultures
  • Presenting in front of diverse groups: expectations, objectives and roles
  • Initiating and facilitating audience participation effectively
  • Tips for building confidence and dealing with nervousness
  • Dealing with difficult situations when giving presentations
  • Getting video feedback on your presentation skills

Your benefits

Preparing and delivering presentations with ease

  • Gain confidence in preparing and delivering presentations
  • Acquire tools for making an impact in the opening and closing of your presentations
  • Develop an understanding of what to consider when presenting in front of culturally diverse groups
  • Deliver presentations professionally and confidently in a language other than your mother tongue
  • Receive professional feedback as well as video feedback and hands-on advice on your presentation skills by bringing your own case with you and presenting it


A hands-on approach that focuses on the specific needs of the participants, allowing all participants to practise their skills by holding their own presentation, enhanced by the use of a video camera.
Trainer input, best practices, knowledge sharing and group work
Trainer input, best practices, knowledge sharing and group work
Video analysis
Video analysis

Target group

Professionals from all industries who want to improve their presentation skills, also in front of international audiences.




As part of the training course, you will have the opportunity to hold a prepared presentation and get constructive feedback and valuable tips for your own improvement. During the workshop there is little time for preparation, so we’d like to ask you to choose one 10 to 15 minute-long presentation from your current or future work context to bring with you.
If possible, please bring your own laptop and remote presenter (it’s always best to work with your own equipment). However, if you can’t bring one or either of these, please bring the necessary files on a USB stick  – a laptop and flip charts will be available.

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Presentation Skills

Confident – engaging – impactful
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    Start1st day at 9 a.m.
    End2nd day at 5 p.m.
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