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Intercultural Awareness

Leading international projectteams successfully

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Reflect on your personal cultural beliefs and get a toolbox to lead international projectteams successfully.

With our projects being more and more international we interact with an increasing number of people from different cultures. Unfortunately, our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions are different from those of most other countries. Even the methods we learned in our local management and communication trainings may lead to misinterpretation, irritation or even demotivation. So, for example, a cooperative leadership style might be interpreted as weakness, a direct feedback according to (our) feedback rules as an offense.

This training will strongly increase your cultural sensitivity and provide you with a set of tools to understand, motivate and lead international teams across cultural boundaries.

Your Benefit

  • You experience the different characteristics of other cultures in interactive case studies.
  • You learn to communicate successfully and in accordance to the expectations of a specific culture.
  • You know how to build and maintain relationships and how to address conflicts.
  • You learn how to lead international teams successfully.


  • Culture: what is culture? How does it arise? Are we conscious of our culture?
  • Culture Categories: linear-active, multi-active and reactive people (Lewis)
  • Difficulties in interactions between the different categories
  • The different use of time, different styles of listening
  • Different behaviours in meetings: how meetings start, duration of smalltalk, proceedings, bindingness of decisions
  • Audience expectations during presentations
  • How to deal with cultural differences (Trompenaars)
  • Different leadership styles
  • Cultural dimensions (Geert Hofstede)
  • Reflection of own cultural prejudices
  • Recommended actions for a successful intercultural cooperation


Trainer input and practical work

Group and individual work, trainer input, case studies.



Managers, project managers, team leaders and professionals from all industries

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