International Negotiations

Reaching win-win agreements across cultures
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Negotiations involving foreign business partners can have a significant positive impact on your organization. At the same time, international negotiations are always quite challenging, as cultural aspects affect our expectations and negotiation styles and, thus, need to be considered in every step of the negotiation. For critical situations like these, special skills and techniques are required.

By attending this seminar, you will develop and train your personal negotiation skills. You will increase awareness on how culture influences your negotiation. And you will develop strategies on how to prepare and lead your negotiation appropriately and successfully. The skills learned in this seminar will help you to become a competitive and collaborative negotiation partner. And you will enhance and improve long-term relationships with your international business partners.


Negotiation strategies and international business

  • Structure and flow of a negotiation process
  • Assessing the cultural profile of your negotiation partner(s) and tailoring your approach accordingly
  • Principled negotiation: the four principles of the Harvard Negotiation Concept
  • Building relationships and creating trust with international business partners
  • Toolbox for leading and influencing conversations in a cross-cultural setting
  • Dealing with critical situations in international negotiations
  • Tactics and techniques to close a negotiation and reach final win-win agreements

Your benefits

Confidence in international negotiation techniques

  • Know the essential negotiation principles and tools to systematically prepare and lead successful negotiations
  • Develop an understanding of different cultural profiles and their impact on negotiations
  • Take the opportunity to apply the skills learned and practice negotiating while getting feedback from an expert
  • Reach agreements in a competitive yet collaborative way


Individual and group work, trainer input, role-playing based on prepared case studies. Since this course aims at mastering negotiations in English, a good command of the English language is necessary.
Trainer-Input, Praxis- und Handlungsorientierung, Erfahrungsaustausch und Gruppenarbeit
Trainer-Input, Praxis- und Handlungsorientierung, Erfahrungsaustausch und Gruppenarbeit
Erfahrungslernen, spielerische Lernmethoden
Erfahrungslernen, spielerische Lernmethoden

Target group

Managers and professionals from all industries who want to improve their negotiation skills in an international business context.



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International Negotiations

Reaching win-win agreements across cultures
(1737,40 € inkl. MwSt.)
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Kim Nga Sehring
Hohe Anwendbarkeit für die Praxis
Gelungenes Seminar im internationalen Kontext PRO: Sehr gute Seminarinhalte und gute Übungen in Englisch
Ulrich Reis
sehr empfehlenswert
Pro: Übungen zum aktiven Zuhören; Erläuterungen zur Transaktionsanalyse und zum Learning Cycle Contra: Dokumentation ist sprachlich teilweise etwas holprig

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