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Leading Leaders

Inspire - guide - coach

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Reflect on your leadership style and make your employees successful by inspiring and coaching them.

 Leading leaders is a challenge being different to leading a team. In this role, the focus of your leadership work changes. You no longer monitor your managing employees on a detailed operative level but rather have to inspire them to perform the best they can for the benefit of the organization and their employees. Based on a high level of respect and appreciation for their skills, you apply a leadership style that coaches and leads them at the same time. In addition, you are responsible for shaping the future of your business by creating a framework for an inspiring corporate culture and by turning vision into strategy.
This seminar will give you the time and environment to reflect upon how you lead your managing employees, make you aware of your role and the implicit and explicit messages you send.

Your Benefit

Reflection and awareness on leadership styles

  • You will inspire those you lead to extraordinary performance.
  • You will foster creativity and innovation within the organization and establish credibility.
  • You will be able to create and articulate your vision for the future and transform it with your managing employees into strategy.


Leadership styles and empowerment

  • Leadership styles and philosophy and your own authentic way
  • Acting as a role model while easily living your leadership role
  • Fostering collaboration and empowering those you lead
  • Establishing a meaningful corporate culture within an organization
  • Giving orientation to staff members within a reliable framework
  • Constantly challenging the status quo and working on shaping future business
  • Turning vision into strategy together with your employees


Peer coaching and individual feedback

Trainer input, case discussion in small groups, peer coaching, individual reflection, feedback.


Experienced leaders

Leaders who are leading other managers or a management team.


To implement key learnings in the delegates` work practice we suggest an individual 2 hour Transfer- Coaching after the seminar.

Package Price (Seminar and TC)

2140,- EUR excl. VAT
(2546,60 EUR incl. VAT).

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