Workshop: Feedback

Principles of effective feedback
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    Beginn1st day 9 a.m.
    Ende2nd day 5 p.m.
(1737,40 € inkl. MwSt.)
In this seminar, you will reflect on your professional demeanor as well as your individual communication skills. At the same time, you will practice how to give and accept all sorts of feedback.
Feedback is one of the most essential communication methods any professional can make use of. On the one hand, receiving feedback on your behaviour allows you to develop personally. On the other hand, appreciative feedback helps to create a valuable and productive work environment, in which people thrive for innovation. In this seminar, you will learn about the principles of appreciative communication and feedback. By getting unbiased feedback from peers and experts, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your professional demeanor as well as your individual communication skills. You will train how to give feedback and how to address sensitive subjects, especially when working in an international business setting. By knowing how to promote an open feedback culture within your team, you will eventually find it easier to achieve your goals.


Principles of giving and receiving feedback

  • Principles of appreciative communication
  • Understanding the difference between feedback and criticism
  • Increase awareness of your self-image and external perceptions
  • Reflection of your feedback experiences – exploring your own feedback patterns
  • How to give feedback in a constructive manner
  • Formulating sensitive feedback and criticism
  • Intercultural aspects to consider when giving feedback
  • Dos and don’ts in international business settings
  • Adequately handling feedback received
  • Nurturing an open and constructive feedback culture
  • Receiving feedback from peers
  • Reflecting on your individual communication skills

Your benefits

Feedback as a driver for personal and professional growth

  • Know how to give positive and negative feedback in an appreciative and constructive manner.
  • Handle sensitive situations professionally and with confidence.
  • Receive an external view on your impression and professional demeanor.
  • Enhance your personal communication skills while working in international business.


Theoretical input, individual and group work, personal reflection, practicing feedback, discussing and exercising real-life cases of the participants, getting feedback from peers and experienced trainers, individual learning targets.

Target group

Professionals, leaders and project managers, who want to enhance their feedback skills and reflect on their professional demeanor.


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Workshop: Feedback

Principles of effective feedback
(1737,40 € inkl. MwSt.)

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